Tool Alliance News

Mil-Tec has introduced a brand new 2015 Catalog featuring expanded body and insert selections along with new products and application recommendations. The new aspects include HV10 and HV11 Chamfer Mills, an updated Wiper Insert page, an expanded Diamond coating products selection, and new High Velocity grades and coatings. Also included is a High Feed application section. Prices and selection are effective November 3, 2014. Check it all out at

Our new Ultra-Tool catalog (effective December 2nd) is available immediately in PDF format under the "Downloads" section of this website. Version 2014 features an incredible array of new products and features. The Monolith end mill range has been great expanded, new Micro tools offered, additional Chamfer Mill, Drill Mill, and Spotting Drill angles available, entirely new Series of Counterbores, Routers, Engravers & Slow Helix end mills, an Extended Length Combined Drill & C'sink, and much, much more. Check it out today!

The 2015 RoundTool Laboratories catalog will is available now, and features a huge selection of unprecedented tooling designs. Leading the product offerings is the industry's best assortment of high-quality micro end mills, all utilizing our SmoothCoat technology to offer PVD hard-coatings down to a .003 diameter. Solid decimal CBN end mills, compression routers, micro drills, reach end mills, and more complete the portfolio.

The Tool Alliance Coating Systems work cell has doubled in size and relocated within the Company's new headquarters building in Huntington Beach, CA. SmoothCoat encompasses state-of-the-art sputtering PVD technology combined with micro-blasting & cleaning systems. All Tool Alliance brands utilize in industry's best TA (Titanium Aluminum Nitride), AT (Aluminum Titanium Nitride), D1 (PVD Diamond), D2 (CVD Diamond), TN (Titanium Nitride), TC (Titanium Carbon Nitride), A1 (Titanium DiBoride), plus the Company provides coating services to select OEM customers.

Tungsten ToolWorks, the first (and best) online destination for cutting tool procurement, is all new! TTW continues to evolve into an evermore efficient site for improving quality and lowering costs in your machining process. If you haven't quoted lately, you haven't seen all the enhancements... check it out and Customize Yourself today at!